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Dental Lab / Orthodontics

We supply both simple and complex orthodontic cases to suit each unique patient.


We have a vast array of experience in orthodontic fabrication and are prepared to be the dental laboratory partner for your practice. For years, our talented technicians have been manufacturing orthodontic products such as retainers and maintainers. Our scanning and fabricating capabilities have continued to evolve alongside the orthodontic industry, and we have committed to staying on top of the latest technologies in order to provide the best possible service.

Orthodontics Overview

We believe in creating a relationship between the orthodontist and his or her dental laboratory. Each and every case is unique, and we are willing to discuss all options in order to deliver precisely according to your needs. One of the most critical parts of a successful business fabrication relationship is availability for communication, and we take that very seriously. We are available through multiple methods of contact in order to serve you best.

Open Lines of Communication
Modern Fabrication Process
CAD/CAM Technology
Custom Orthodontics Available

All of our products are guaranteed against traditional wear & tear and are fabricated using only the best industry practices. Even the simplest holding arch requires careful attention and a precise touch to ensure top performance. We are always open to consult with orthodontists regarding the possibility of utilizing our dental laboratory – we are happy to showcase our facilities. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our fabrication capabilities.

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