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Reline or rebase to maintain proper denture fit due to gum tissue changes.

Relines and Rebases

As you continue to use your dentures, it’s very common for the base and teeth of the denture to degrade at different rates. This depends on the design of your denture, the kind of food you eat, and other factors. When you have dentures whose teeth have become excessively worn over time in comparison to the base of the denture, a rebase is highly recommended. Rebasing is simply replacing the acrylic base of the denture with a newly stable base of fresh acrylic. By avoiding having to replace the teeth or change the shape of the denture, the comfort and familiarity created with the original denture is maintained.

In some cases, the degradation suffered by the denture causes the fit of the denture to change. This occurs most commonly because over time the gum tissue in your mouth changes – most commonly by shrinking. The speed at which this occurs is based upon your personal lifestyle. When this occurs, a reline procedure is necessary. During a relining, new acrylic is inserted into the inside of your denture base.


It takes a dental professional to properly inspect a denture for damage and possibility for repair. Our denturist can quickly identify whether a reline or rebase would be correct for you. But because of this, we must advise against using home or over-the-counter remedies to denture repair. Many advertised glues and bonding agents are not well-suited for dentures and may result in further damage. Relining and rebasing is a perfectly normal part of denture maintenance, but avoiding or self-treating the problem can result in further complications.

Our denturist can discuss with you in-office the condition of your denture and recommend a reline or rebase where appropriate. With our dental laboratory available in-house, we are able to provide complete relines and rebasing for our patients. If you have questions about what we offer or whether the procedure is right for your situation, please contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.

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